About Me

Welcome to the journey of self-discovery!

The initial step on the path of self-discovery is often the most daunting. As your guide, I am here to support you as you evolve into the best possible version of yourself.

I’m Maya Georg, a dedicated psychotherapist and an experienced yoga practitioner and teacher, currently finding tranquility amidst the serene beauty of Kefalonia, Greece. As a native New Yorker, my own journey of transformation led me to Europe over a decade ago.

I began my academic studies with a BA in Psychology from the University of New Mexico. Enriched with this knowledge, I then underwent comprehensive psychotherapy training in Greece, which gave me deep insights and hands-on experience. Seeking further depth, I pursued a MA in Psychoanalytic Studies from the University of Essex. This progression of intensive academic and professional training shapes my holistic approach to therapy today.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in a holistic perspective, born out of my personal experiences which underscore the deep interconnection of our body, mind, and soul. Embracing your authentic self requires letting go of anything that resists this unity, often manifesting as self-limiting beliefs shaped by your upbringing and past experiences. These barriers can lead you to adopt a defensive approach to life, veiling your true essence.

As a sex-positive and queer-friendly therapist, I am deeply committed to providing a safe and inclusive space where all clients feel respected, valued, and validated irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In therapy, you can freely express yourself, knowing that you’ll be met with understanding and non-judgmental listening.

My mission is to assist you in navigating your journey towards self-discovery, enabling you to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs. As your guide, I am committed to providing the tools and support you need to reconnect with your inherent worth. Together, we’ll traverse the path that leads you back to your most authentic self.

Currently accepting online and in-person clients.