Terms & Conditions

I strive to offer quality and affordable care to clients, and that requires clarity about the agreements that we make with each other. Below you can read the general terms and conditions that apply to all services that I provide. This way it is clear in advance what you can expect from me.

Meetings and Cancellations

Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Dream Work sessions are about 50-60 minutes in length, while Yoga Analysis is about 90 minutes in length. All appointments are usually scheduled once per week, however, we may agree on varying lengths and frequencies depending on your needs. Appointments can be canceled free of charge (by phone or by e-mail) up to 24 hours before the appointment. For appointments canceled after this time, 50% of the fee will be charged. For missed appointments without prior cancellation, the full amount will be charged.

Professional Fees

My standard fee for a 50-60 minute session is 75 euros ($85 US), and 125 euros ($140 US) for 90 minute sessions. Prices may be increased from time to time with one month’s notice. You are expected to pay for each session at the end of the session, unless we agree otherwise.

I understand that seeking therapy is a personal investment, and I firmly believe that financial constraints should not hinder one’s path to self-improvement and healing. To this end, I offer a sliding scale of fees to accommodate various financial circumstances. The aim of this flexible pricing model is to make therapy more accessible, ensuring that financial hardship does not become a barrier to obtaining help. During our initial consultation, we can discuss this further to determine a fee structure that respects your financial situation without compromising the quality of care and attention you deserve.


Confidentiality exists between therapist and client. The information disclosed by you during the course of your therapy will be kept confidential, except when I am required by law or requested by you in writing to share information with others. Confidentiality must be suspended, by law, when a person is determined to be a danger to self or others, where reasonable suspicion of child, elder or dependent adult abuse exists, or upon receipt of a valid court order.


If I believe it will help me provide better therapy for you, I may occasionally consult with another professional about your case. In consultations, I will not reveal your identity. And the consultant is, of course, bound to keep all information confidential.


I do not accept insurance at this time.

Phone Contacts

I check my messages at least once per day and return calls, text messages, and emails as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. Weekend calls will be returned on Monday, except in emergencies. Phone calls of 10 minutes or less are standard. After 10 minutes, I will ask you if you would like to do a phone session, which will be billed at the regular session rate.


You may terminate treatment at any time. Generally I ask patients who are terminating to schedule one or more termination sessions in which to review your progress and current situation and complete the termination process. If you appear to have met your goals, I may ask whether you would like to terminate or set new goals. Also, if you or I believe you are not benefiting from treatment with me, I may discuss termination with you, in which case I can refer you to another psychotherapist.